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Lynn Richardson's Life Coach Certification Program

Lynn Richardson's Life Coach Certification Program

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This is included in the Diamond Package! Or Gain Access with Dipping Into Diamond.

Gain the skills to help others achieve personal, professional, and spiritual harmony in this comprehensive life coach certification program.

"People fail in life because they don't know what they don't know and they THINK they know." Les Brown

Personal trainers help you set goals, identify and undo destructive habits, push past your own beliefs, and teach you what you don't know so you can become at peace with your health.

Lynn Richardson's Life Coach Certification program will elevate your coaching practice and teach you how to help others set goals, identify and undo destructive habits, push past harmful beliefs, and seek understanding of what they don't know so they can gain peace with themselves and their relationships career, spirituality and finances.  

Traditional life coach programs do not train.  In this program, like athletic coaches, we believe training is an essential element in coaching,  Rather than expecting your clients to discover a path and figure things out while you gently guide them, you will be trained to help them identify what's wrong, fix those areas with proven, flexible and unique strategies, and coach them along the way to keep them on track.   No Olympian has ever won a championship without a COACH who trained them do it; hence we believe that if we want people to win and if we want to reduce the time, frustration, and lost opportunities that usually come with "figuring things out," we must train AND coach by example. 

This is a one year program: 6 months of intense study (at your own pace) followed by an apprenticeship where you must coach others then pass a live and written exam.

This is training is included in the Diamond Program.

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